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  James Giles School Announcements

  ReadPlease support the SmartCell fundraiser! Buy cool tech & help fundraise! 50% of purchase is donated to NSF.
.pdf file
News item posted on 11-12-18

  ReadClass of 2019 T-Shirt
.pdf file
News item posted on 11-8-18

  ReadEvidence Based Grading
.pdf file
News item posted on 11-6-18

  ReadMastery Connect Parent Portal Quick Reference Card
.pdf file
News item posted on 11-6-18

  Read8th Grade Picture Day is 11-9-18
.pdf file
News item posted on 11-1-18

  ReadActive Shooter Drill at Giles
.pdf file
News item posted on 10-25-18

Miss Tryba’s First Block Math Class is the first class to win the pizza challenge!
All students present and in Purple!! 👍 #LionsPRIDE
News item posted on 9-21-18

  ReadSports Physical Info and Forms
.pdf file
News item posted on 9-17-18

  ReadISBE 2017-2018 Assessment Survey Results Tracker
News item posted on 8-27-18

  ReadWelcome Back Lions!
.pdf file
News item posted on 8-26-18

  ReadGiles School Pick Up and Drop Off
.jpg file
News item posted on 8-23-18

  ReadSuperintendent's Letter - The Giles Phone System
.pdf file
News item posted on 8-22-18

  ReadBack to School Events
.pdf file
News item posted on 7-27-18

  ReadNew Standards Based Reporting at Giles and Leigh - Chicago Tribune Article
News item posted on 7-18-18


NSD80 - Photos May 2018
News item posted on 5-30-18


Norridge - Memorial Day 2018
News item posted on 5-29-18

7th and 8th grade trip to Springfield
News item posted on 5-24-18

  Read4th Graders and Their Parents Presentation
.pdf file
News item posted on 5-21-18

  ReadDear Giles Families:

During the course of recess on Monday, April 23, we had two students involved in an altercation. As a result, one of the students made a threat that was heard by several witnesses.

We take these threats very seriously, and contacted the police and this student’s parents. This morning, we, in partnership with the Norridge police continued our investigation, and determined that there is no credible threat from this student. The police have issued a statement that is attached to this email. We also called the SASS Agency (Screening, Assessment, and Support Services) to conduct a threat assessment to determine if this student has intent to hurt others. Students must pass a threat assessment to be on school grounds after making such a threat.

As we discussed with students at school today, we would not have held school if we did not believe that school was safe. We also encouraged students to report conflicts before they escalate.

Please contact me with any further concerns or questions.

Stephanie Palmer
Assistant Superintendent/Principal

News item posted on 4-25-18

  ReadNorridge Police Letter
.pdf file
News item posted on 4-25-18

  ReadJames Giles School 2018 Talent Show
News item posted on 4-10-18

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